Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday and a fill

Almost forgot to weigh in today.  Today's weight...


So close to the 90 pounds lost mark.  Hopefully by next week I will be there. I am very happy to see another nice loss this week.  

I can't remember if I've mentioned it here (I've been such a bad blogger, I think of lots of things to write about, but then almost never get here and actually write about it).  Anywhoo my new short term goal is to lose 100 pounds by my one year surgiversary.  That's on May 21st, so as of today I'm at 89.6 pounds, leaving 10.4 pounds to lose in just about 12 weeks.  Should be completely doable.

That being said I notice myself sabotaging myself more frequently.  Girl Scout cookies are the spawn of Satan!  I have noooo problem with them.  I tell myself it's ok if I have 1 or 2, and that turns into 5 or 6.  Each day!  UGH!!!!  I really need to learn self control.  When I was earlier in the process it was easier for me to stay away from "bad" foods.  Now I seem to gravitate to those.  Anyone have the same problem the farther out from surgery they are?

I had a very teeny tiny fill yesterday.  I don't think I blogged about me last fill/unfill in January. They put in .5cc and I seemed to do fine for a couple of weeks.  Then I started having some pain and heartburn during the night. Went in ASAP and had .25 taken out.  Had an upper GI the next week to make sure I didn't have any problems.  Everything was fine with the band, and the heartburn/pain went away immediately.

So that led up to yesterday when I went in to see the PA.  I've noticed that I'm getting hungry after about 3 hours.   Would like that to be longer, but conflicted as to if I should get a fill given that I had to have an unfill last month.  We decided on just a scootch of a fill, somewhere between .1 and .2cc.  Taking it easy with just full liquids yesterday and mushies today.  So far so good, but if I notice anything bad I'll go in ASAP and have some taken out.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I may be fat, but I'm fit too!

The gym we have at work is offering free fitness assessments.  Since it's free I figured what the heck, might as well see how bad I am.

Had the assessment and was pretty happy with everything I was able to do.  The assessment involves waking on the treadmill as the incline is increased, sit ups, push ups, body measurements, strength and flexibility.

Turns out I'm well above average, both in good and bad ways.  First the bad,  39.9% body fat.  OMG, have never even thought about % body fat.  So I fall into the well above average for my age.  If there was a category for supercalefragilistically above average, i'd be in that one.  Nothing too surprising, I am obese after all.

Now onto the great!  In both push ups and sit ups I am also in the well above average for my age.  Who?  Me?  wow!!!!

The trainer actually said to me "don't take this the wrong way, but a woman who weighs almost 250 usually can't do that many push ups/sit ups".  So just because I'm obese doesn't mean I don't have muscles under all that fat.

Strength, flexibility and treadmill test I was all about average.  I'll take that.  So much better than I thought I would do. So no more "I can't do that cuz I'm too fat".  I had a training session and said I didn't think I could do something and the trainer looks me in the eye and said  I saw you do 24 pushups, so don't tell me you can't do 10 now. If I was smart I would have held back a little in the assessment.

I have set a new goal for myself of losing 100 pounds by my one year surgiversary.  That gives me about 3 months to lose about 15 pounds.  I can do it, just need to set my mind to it.  To that end I'm signing up for personal training.  One 30 minute session a week with the trainer.  I could try and do the stregnth training she gave me one my own, but I know I will do so much better with someone yelling at  encouraging me.

I was going to start this week, but work schedule is crazy, so next week it is.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday



I gained almost 4 pounds in a week.  Not physically possible.  I did not eat that many calories to result in 4 pound increase.  I'm calling this one BS, water weight is got to be what this is.  Not going to let it get me down.  Keep up with my plans and don't sweat the numbers.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I usually forget to post my NSV because I'm not near a computer, and then by the time am I I've forbotten (getting old sucks).  But I couldn't let these go without putting them down for posterity.

Last night I wore a size 16w jeans, and they were a little loose.  Yes, still has that pesky w, but still 16!!! 

We went to a comedy club last night.  Lot's of fun.  came out to find some ass with a big old pickem up truck parked literally an inche from our car, driver side of course.  I really wanted to key the truck, but my husband talked me down.   Anywhoo, onto the NSV... I had to get in the passenger side, and climb over into the drivers side.  I did it, without any trouble.  Was doing a major happy dance.

This morning I took the dogs out for their walk.  I'm on W5 of Ease into 5k.  Today had a 9 minute run.  Did 6 minutes ok, but NINE?????  What the hell, I'll give it a try... I did it, all 9 minutes, withough too much hudding and puffing.  Total of 16 minutes of wogging out of 29 minutes.  More walking than not!!! 

So new motto alert:

Just because you've never done something before, doesn't mean you can't do it now. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Slowly working my way out of my funk.  I am realizing now that my vitamin deficiencies may have played into my funkiness.  My 6 month labs showed I was anemic, and had low D and B.  It took me a while to get my vitamins and then to actually start taking them.  I've been consistent with them for about 3-4 weeks now. I think they're helping.

Today's weight:


2.4 pounds down from last week.  That definitely helps me mood.  I'm still learning that I can't let the scale make or break my mood.   Some weeks I will lose, some I won't.  I just have to keep up eating right and exercising and the weight will come off.