Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

  1. I realized as I was walking the dogs last night that I have lost a dog.  Not literally, but my one dogs weighs 66 pounds, just the amount I have lost currently.  She's HEAVY...put's into perspective as to how much I have lost.
  2. Went to see Earth Wind and Fire last night.  Amazing show, if you have the chance to see them GO.  You may not think you know any of there songs, but I guarantee you do, and you'll be up and dancing.
  3. Because of the concert I missed my Derby Lite class, very bummed.  I had fun at the one last week.  I realize I never blogged about it, but I will soon.
  4. My butt still hurts from the fall I took in the first class.
  5. Tried on the size 18 pants I bought a while ago.  I got them up, buttoned and zipped!  Still too tight to wear out of the house, but so close.
  6. Had a nice time with my mom helping her at the craft show.  It was lots of work, but it's fun.
  7. Saw lots of family and friends while I was home.  Everyone was shocked at how much I've lost already.  It was great to see their reactions.
  8. I'm jealous that I'm not going to BOOBs this year, maybe next year.
  9. Going to my exercise class for the first time in three weeks.  Looking forward to it, but since I'm still sore from Derby I'm a little scared at how I'll feel tomorrow.
  10. I love Fall.  Going to pull out all the decorations I have this weekend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Half Weigh There!

So today is Weigh in Wednesday, and as you can tell by the title, things are going very well.  Today's weight...


That makes 66.2 pounds lost since the beginning of this journey.  My goal (for the time being) is to weigh 200.  That would require a loss of 129 pounds from my highest.  So as of now I have lost (just a little) more than half that.  totally blows my mind!!!  It's been just over 4 months, I never thought I would have come this far this quickly.

I've still got a long way to go, and probably more.  My plan is to get to 200, then re-evaluate my goal.  I've learned a lot about myself during this time.  Most of all that I'm not perfect, but you know what...I don't have to be perfect, no one is, even those who seem to be.  

I just have to try my best, and when I stumble I just have to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep moving in the right direction.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

Another week, another pound...   266.4.

Not great, but I'll take it.  I haven't done so well with my eating this past week.  Had a work dinner it was so yummy and so fattening, and had ice cream a couple of times.  I know, I know not following the rules, but not going to beat myself up.  I lost, I could have lost more, but this is me living my life... the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have been doing really well with exercise, taking the dogs for walks is so much nicer with the cooler weather.

I'm excited because my new exercise class is starting tonight, Derbylite.  I think it's going to be so much fun, as long as I don't kill myself.  I'll take a picture in all my gear tonight.

I'm leaving to go see my mom this weekend.  She's got a business making soap and other bath products.  This weekend is her biggest craft show of the year, so I go home and help her every year.  Check out her website, she makes awesome products:  Yellow Rose Soapworks  The weekend will be crazy busy, set uop friday and then show's open from 8-5 saturday and sunday.  Oh and it's 50% chance of rain...did I mention it's outside?  Rain is nothing new, usually rains every year, it just makes it yucky.  People still come and shop though,

I'll get to see some friends and family as well.  First time since surgery. Can't wait!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pants on the ground

I have almost no clothes for fall/winter.  Given that it's been going down into the 50s at night and only up into the 70's in the day this is going to be a problem.  So Saturday I took off on a shopping adventure.  It was nice out so I grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of capri's out of my closet and headed out.

First stop the way, did you know they have a rewards card? Neither did I until I signed up on saturday.  Anywhoo, was walking around Goodwill and I realized my pants were falling down, not just a little, but a WHOLE it's a good thing my t-shirt was long, or I would have been indecent.  Had to keep my hand in my pocket or they would have been on the ground.  First purchase...belt for 99cents. :) Also got a pair of casual pants and a dress shirt for work.

That's what I get for not looking at the size, they were a 26, considering I'm into 20's now, I'm surprised I made it out the door without them falling off. Time to clean out some things from the closet so that doesn't happen again.  What a great feeling.

After Goodwill I went to the outlets.  Struck out there.  Didn't see anything I wanted to spend money on, knowing it might be too big soon. No good deals to be had.

Then stopped at Fashion Bug and Walmart.  Found a soft jacket type thing at FB, but in a size 0X.  A teensy bit snug, but wearable.  And will be fine as I lose weight.  Also got a tank to wear under it, as well as a casual long sleeve shirt.  Walmart I picked up a t-shirt and a shirt for work.

All told I spent about $80, but got  4 shirts to wear to work, two casual shirts and a pair of casual pants.  More money than I have spent on clothes for awhile, but really not that much.

It's hard to spend money on clothes not knowing how long they will be wearable.  How did you keep yourself clothed during the losing period?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday


Down another 1.6 pounds.  Yipee!  

Thanks for all the great comments on my pics.  It's so nice to have people tell me they see a difference.  Only   one person in real life says she sees a difference.  It's amazing to think I've lost 60+ pounds and no one else has said anything.  I'm going home to see my family next week so I should get some good reactions then. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ok I promised pictures and here they are.


16 weeks post surgery
16 weeks post-surgery

The shirt is new, just got it yesterday.  The shirt I started with was just way too big, couldn't really see anything.  The new shirt is an xxl from Target, yes from the regular section.  Obviously it's too tight and I'd never where it out of the house, but definitely a NSV that I could even get into it.

I've noticed as I've lost weight I have gained rolls.  Need to invest in some type of garment to smooth everything out.  Any suggestions?


Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Had a good, fun productive weekend.  And the best part the weather has changed and it was cool, yes cool this weekend.  It wasn't 90 degrees and 100% humidity like it has been most of the summer.  It was so great!  Dropped into the high 50's at night and only up into the high 70's during the day.  If it would stay this way I would be in heaven.

Had two great walks with the puppies.  It includes a great upper body workout as well.  Holding Millie back since she pulls so much and pulling Missi since she likes to stop and smell everything.

Had good luck at Goodwill.  I desperately need fall clothes, everything I have is smaller sizes in short sleeves/summer type.  I got a four tops and 1 pair of casual pants for $18.00.  Pants:  new with tags Lee casuals, Land's End sweater, no tags, but looks brand new, a top from Cold Water Creek and one from Chicos.  Amazing steals!  Only the sweater fits right now, the rest should be OK by next moth. I'll go look at a few more stores and see what else I can find.  I may need to break down and buy some new stuff.  I hate spending the money, but I'll need some sweaters and long sleeved shirts.

Went and picked out all the gear I need for my Derby Lite class.  So excited, it starts next weekend.  I can't wait, it looks like so much fun.  Let's just hope with all the padding/protection I have I won't kill myself.

I'm do for some new pictures, but forgot to do them yesterday.  I've got to do them, especially since I didn't do last month either.  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with new pics.

Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thanks, weigh-in and TTT

1.  First thing I want to thank those of you who responded to my last post.  It really means a lot to me that there are people out there reading along, and willing to take time to encourage me.

2.  Missed posting on weigh-in Wednesday, but I did actually weigh in.   After my pity party the other day I wasn't expecting much, but... 269.  Yowza, that's 60 pounds down from the start of this journey.  I just need to learn patience.

3.  I made a yummy meal yesterday, Shelly's Zucchini Roll-ups (aka Pasta-less Manicotti) from The World Accrding to Eggface.   It took a while to grill the zucchini since I was using my little bitty George Foreman grill and could only do two slices at a time.  Other wise it was easy peasy.  and did I mention yummy?  I added crumbled turkey sausage to add a little more protein.

4.  I am less than 5 pounds from half way to my goal of 200lbs.  I may revise my goal if I actually make it to 200, but for now that's what I'm shooting for.

5.  I had a personal trainer come out the the house and teach me how to use our weight machine.  She had lots of great suggestions.  I totally feel the burn.

6.  Now I have to make sure I actually use the weight machine.

7.  I missed my monthly support group meeting for banders yesterday.  I'm so bummed.  This is the 3rd month I've missed.  July was cancelled due to the holiday and August I was on vacay.  I really miss the group.  I have to make sure it's on my calendar for next month.

8.  I think part of the reason I've been feeling blah is because of #7.  There's nothing like meeting up with people who are going through the same things you are.

9.  Off to exercise class tonight.  I also missed last weeks class, may have contributed to blahness.

10.  I am so thankful for all of you followers.  Just knowing you are out there encourages me to keep going.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The title pretty much sums it up.  Just feeling blah about my journey.  Up to now I have been doing amazing, better than I ever thought possible.  I had no loss last week and I got on the scale this weekend (I know I shouldn't, but I did) and it was the same as last week.  Maybe it will be better tomorrow, but I'm not planning on it.

My eating isn't bad, staying around the 1200 calories my nutritionist recommended, taking the dogs for at least a 30  minute walk 5/6 days out of the week.  Just no movement on the scale.  I think I have entered my version of Bandster Hell, and I DON'T like it!!!  I find my thoughts going to why not eat whatever I want if even when I do eat ok I don't lose, might as well enjoy right?