Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I've been having a love/hate relationship with my scale.  I've noticed my clothes fitting looser, but the scale has been kind of stuck.  From my last post you know I haven't been working out in the last week, so I wasn't really expecting anything when I hopped on the scale this morning. To my surprise...


Happy Dance!!!

 Finally hit the 90 pounds lost.  Took awhile, but so glad to be here. These last 10 pounds have been a struggle, it's taken me 3 months to lose them.  Oh well, doesn't matter how long it takes, just matters that I'm moving downward.

Now onto the next 10 pounds.  My goal was to be at 100 pounds down by the anniversary of my surgery (5/21).  It seemed doable, but with how hard these last 10 were, not so sure.  That's OK,  i will make it there, just might take a little longer. 

Monday, March 25, 2013


After the last run I've had some pain in my right leg.  I tried to ignore it, but it was getting worse.  I talked to my trainer (after my workout, of course).  She said it sounds like shin splints.  I googled it and everything sounds like what I'm experiencing.  Trainer said to rest, and ice my leg.  So that's what I did all weekend long.  Skipped my runs/walks with the dogs and they are not happy. No Zumba either :( I did go shopping and walked around quite a bit, but nothing to strenuous.

So imagine my surprise when I tried on my size 16 (no W)  and they fit.  They are tight, but not obscene.  The only reason I tried them was that they were the only clean pants I had upstairs.  I am wearing a long top to cover the little muffin top I've got going on.

Did get a couple of good workouts sunday night and this morning shoveling snow... UGH!!!  I want it to be spring, unfortunately Mother Nature has other plans.  Was proactive last night and shoveled around 7:30 when we have 3-4 inched, then again and 9 when we had another 2-3.  This morning woke up to only another inch or two, but they had plowed the street, so had to shovel the heavy wet packed snow at the end of the driveway.  Hubby couldn't help as he was stranded in Baltimore.  He was supposed to fly back home yesterday, but got stuck at his layover.  I even shoveled out his car, what a good wife I am.

Leg is feeling better today, still have a little pain now and again.  I've signed up for a 5k this weekend.  Not sure if I'll do it, will wait and see as it gets closer.  Depends on the weather as well.  We didn't have this much snow when I did the 5ks in December!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

I did weigh in last week, just never got around to posting it last week.  Maybe because is was the same as the week before.

Last week's weight:

This week's weight:

So down a little, but still hanging out just below a 90 pounds loss.  As of today I'm at 89.6 pounds gone.  So close, but I've been here before.  Just want to get over that next milestone!

Had some great NSV this  weekend. I went "shopping".  Well actually I went looking because I knew I wasn't going to buy anything, just wanted to get a sense of what size I'm at now.  my size 20 pants are starting to fall off, 18's are loose, but ok.  I have a couple of 16's in my closet, but they are a little tight.

First I went to Coldwater Creek.  I like some of their stuff, but very expensive.  They carry up to a 22/24 I think, so it's a nice place to go now I'm in between plus and regular size.  Tried on a bunch of stuff in sizes 16-20.  Everything in 20 was too big!  Most tops I was fitting in best in an xl.  Just a regular old XL, not a 1X.  The best part was a dress in a size 16.  It fit beautiful!!!  I loved it, I tried to take a pic, but my camera wasn't working.  I may have to go back and try again I liked it so much.  It was $130, so no chance in hell I would by it, but it feels amazing to have it on.

Next I went to Old Navy, better price point, but still didn't get anything. Tried on some knit dressed, didn't really like them, but in most cases xl fit best.  I tried on one 16 dress that didn't fit.  It was fitted and had a zipper and couldn't get it closed.  It was close though. Tried a bunch of tops, xl was again the best size!  They didn't have the color I wanted in one top, but I may go to another store and get it since it was only $10.

Such a great feeling!!! and XL in "real" stores!!!!  Hallelujah!!! Still bummed I didn't hit 90 pounds, but I can see my body changing even without the weight moving.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shamrock 4 mile run/walk

Saturday I did the Shamrock 4 mile run/walk and I actually survived!  Here's a pic of my lovely outfit.

I finished in 56 minutes 38 sec, for an average of 14:09 mile!  Huge improvement over the 15:22 mile at the 5K I did last year.

I probably "ran" a little more than half of it, so still lots of room for improvement.  Next race I think I'm going to do is a 5K Bunny Hop.  Have to start planning my ensemble.

Here's me after the race, red face in all it's glory!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


                              5 month post op                                                        10 month post op


I haven't taken pics in so long.  I knew it had been awhile, but I didn't know it was 5 months.  Yesterday was my birthday and hubby took me out for nice dinner so I got dressed up.  Found this dress in my closet, size 18/20.  It was too big.  It's a wrap dress, so I moved the button and wrapped it as tight as it would go and I think it's still to big (happy dance was done)  i still wore it.  I think it looked better in person than in the pic/  it has red and black sparkley design at the bottom that  doesn't show up in the pic.

I can tell a difference in my face, but it's hard to see any other difference.  Will have to take a pic with same clothes again and see what that looks like.

Weighed in yesterday at...


 Bummed it was up, but taking it in stride.  Hopefully next week will be better.

Remember how I posted that I got a new car?  well, that lasted all of 2 days.  Took it to my mechanic and they said it needed about 500-600 worth of work.  So not going to pay to repair a "new to me" car so back it went.  On the hunt again.  Hopefully will find something soon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ten Things Thursday, on a Friday

1.  Had a killer migraine on Wednesday night.  We nauseous and started vomiting, couldn't keep my pill down.  Kept vomiting and ended up going to the ER to get some IV meds and hydration.  Good times!

2.  No problems with the band since then.  Had a fill on Tues, so was a little worried about the vomiting.  Hadn't started solids yet, still doing full liquids and mushies to make sure if there was any irritation it goes down before I do solids.

3.  Picked up  my "new" (to me) car on Tues night.  It's a Hyundai Elantra Trouring (4 door hatckback).  It's very cute, which is of course the most important feature in a car.

4. It's bright red, I'm not really a bright red kind of a girl.  All the rest of my cars have been blue or silver.

5.  If you are buying a used car and have a Carmax near you check them out.  They are awesome, no pressure, lots of cars to test.  I'm not affiliated with them in anyway, I just really like them.

6.  Husband has a stomach virus that's going on...why are men such babies?  I know I should be more sympathetic, but the moaning and groaning is just a bit much for me.

7. Has my first session with my personal trainer this morning.  She's going to kick my ass.  She pushed me beyond where I would push myself.

8.  Last week at Derby Lite we practiced 1 knee falls.  I was able to stand up using my non-dominant leg for the first time.  Wasn't pretty or graceful, but I did it.

9.  Missed Derby this week cause of the migraine, and next week we don't have class.  I think I'm going to go into withdrawal.  Might need to get to an open skate at a local rink.

10.  Hubby and I are helping with a dog rescue run tomorrow.  Picking up 2 hounds driving them for about an hour to help them get to there forever home.