Friday, December 14, 2012

Frazzled Friday

In four days we start our drive to my mom's. We won't be back again until NYE.   I can't believe that all the time I have to finish things!  I haven't finished buying gifts, but I will have some time at my mom's so that's not horrible.  I still have so much to do around the house, cleaning and organizing oh and making some homade gifts.

I hate coming home to a dirty house so I'll do as much as I can.  I'm hoping to schedule the cleaners to come while we're gone so it's even more clean.

Thanks for all the good wishes on the 5K.  I had so much fun I signed up for another one this weekend.  Crazy to do, with everything else, but it sounded like so much fun I couldn't resist.  It's a Santa Hustle.  You get a tshirt that looks like a Santa outfit, Santa hat and beard.  The pics look so fun.

The forecast is for chance of rain.  I hope it holds off, not sure if I'll want to do it if it's raining.  Fingers crossed for no rain,  I wouldn't even mind snow.  I think that would be fun, but I'm a freak like that.

Had my last Derby Lite class Wednesday.  Can't believe I survived the whole session, and with only one Urgent Care visit, and no major injuries.  I have done more in the last couple of months than I ever thought I could.  I can't wait until the next session to start in January.


  1. Wishing you a safe drive and a Merry Christmas.
    Have fun with te Santa run, hope it stays dry for you.

  2. OMG the Santa Hustle sounds like so much fun! Please post pics!

  3. Hope you are safely at your mom's home and enjoying your time with family! I agree, if you did the Santa Hustle, we are awaiting pics!