Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday and 5K results

Weighed in this morning at 


I broke into the 240"s!!!  YIPEE!  Can't even remember last time I weighed less than 250.  So close to 80 pounds lost, only 0.6 pounds more and I'll be there.  MFP rounds up, but officially I'm at 79.4.  

Jingle Bell 5K was last weekend.  I was so tempted to skip it.  I was feeling so far out of my comfort zone.  My first victory was that even though it was cold and rainy saturday morning I showed up to the 5K.

Pre Race

Post Race

Getting Time Tag cut off.

I have been doing Ease into 5K.  Only just started doing week 3, so it was a combination of walking and jogging.  I'd say I probably jogged about 10-15 minutes total.  My overall time was 47:45.  My goal was to finish under an hour, so very happy with that time.  I also didn't want to finish last, and I wasn't.  Out of the 1645 timed people I came in 1448 I think, somewhere around there.  There were also lots of people that didn't get timed, so there were lots more people after me.  

So happy that I did this.  Can't believe that I did it, but I did!!


  1. That is so cool! Nice job!!!! Getting out of your comfort zone to do the race is a huge victory. Celebrate it girl!

  2. Good job. I was concerned you were going to talk yourself out of this. awesome Colleen

  3. That's so awesome... Can't wait to see what your NEXT time is! :)