Friday, January 11, 2013

Excellent Exercise

Can I just say what an awesome week I've had with exercise? Not sure if I can keep it up but this is what I accomplished this week

Mon: 30min walk with the dogs
Tues: 1hr Zumba class + 20 min walk with the dogs
Wed: 1 1/2 hr Derby Lite Class
Thur: 1 hr low impact aerobics class
Fri:  1 hr Ball Blast class + 30 minutes W4D1 C25K

and how do I feel?  Well besides sore in places I don't think I've ever been sore before, I feel AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new gym at work was having all the classes for free this week, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I've always wanted to try Zumba but was worried/afraid of going somewhere.  I had so much fun!  I couldn't do halfe the moves the instructor did, but that doesn't matter.  I was moving and having a blast.  I'm going to make this a weekly thing. Already put it on my calendar.

The Ball Blast class was another new one at the work gym.  It's a strength class using medicine balls, stability balls, kettle bell and bosu balls.  I need to add some strength training, so I figured I give it a try, it's free.  Kind of intimidating that everyone else in the class (all 4 of them) were younger and MUCH fitter than I, but I stuck with it and had a blast.  Tough class, couldn't do some of the things, but was able to modify.  I was so happy that I made it to then end without having to stop.

Worst part of the class is the fact it's at 6am.  Yup, 6am...I usually don't even get out of bed until after 7, so that was hard for me. 

Then when I got home from work I took the dogs our for a walk and decided to restart C25K.  Before holidays I finished W3.  Figured what the heck, I'll try W4.  I was able to do all the running parts (albeit at more of a wog than a run).  Even the 6 minute one, and I wasn't dying at the end.

OMG, I think I'm turning into an exercise nut...and I think I like it.

Not sure I will do all of that every week, but it's nice to know I have lots of options of things I like.  Completely sore from head to toe.

Oh, and some not so great developement this week.  For some reason my heartburn is acting up big time.  I can eat and drink fine, but wondering if I might be a scootch to tight so going in monday for a teeney tiney unfil.

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  1. That is an awesome exercise week! Congratulations on getting yourself to try new classes. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is one great way to keep improving your fitness.