Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Non Weigh In Wednesday

Since I've broken up with my scale I didn't weigh in today.  I was so tempted, but not going to do it.  I need to have some willpower.

Speaking of willpower, I had just about none yesterday. Well, that's not all true.  I was good all day.  Around 8 I was hungry, so do I go for some protein?  NOOOOO!  I go for the chocolate easter bunny I bought my husband (I had already eaten mine).  I figured by now he wasn't going to eat it, and I didn't want it to got to waste, I love that excuse don't you?

So any hoo...I chopped off it's ears and ate those first. Did that satisfy me, of course not, went back and ate the whole damn thing.

Not this normally wouldn't be soo terrible, not great, but not horrible. But this week is very bad exercise wise for me.  So here's my usual plan for exercise for the week, and what I'm actually going to do:

Monday:  Walk/Run with the dogs:  DONE
Tues:       Zumba                           Missed do to anniversary dinner
Wed:       Derby Lite Class              In between sessions so no class this week
Thurs:     Zumba or Aerobics          Will miss do to Fleetwood Mac concert
Fri:          Personal Training             Skipping since I won't get in until 1 or 2am from concert

I will take the dogs for a walk/run today, so that's something.  Busy week, so not too much exercise.  Will need to do better next week.

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