Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1.  It's been forever since I did a TTT.  I've been slacking on blogging and need to get better.  I've been reading other blogs, just haven't felt like posting much.

2.  Went in for a fill yesterday. I got just a tiny amount put in.  I think I'm about 6cc, but not 100% sure.  It's funny, in the beginning I was obsessed with how much volume was in my band, now not so much.

3.  I've been on liquids since the fill and can already feel a difference.  I can't drink as fast or as much at one time.  I'm also having some shoulder pain when I drink to quick.  I'm hoping that goes away soon.

4.  I had broken up with my scale this month, but since I was going to be weighed at the dr I weighed at home in the morning.   235.0.  Yippee, down 3.8 pounds since the beginning of the month.

5.  The was Happy Dance done yesterday morning.  Of course at my dr I weight in at 238.  I guess I was wearing 3 pounds of clothes ;)

6.  Derby Lite started up again.  We have almost 30 women in the class!  It's amazing to see so many people skating together.

7. If you haven't already you should check out Derby Lite.  It's an exercise class based on Roller Derby, but without the hitting/knocking each other down.  It's a lot of fun and great exercise.  It was started in Chicago, but there are now classes coast to coast.

8.  I have a nasty headache today.  Last time I got a fill I had a nasty headache the next day as well.  So far this hasn't moved into migraine territory, and I'm hoping it doesn't.  I have liquid ibuprofin at home, may have to leave work early to take some.

9.  I'm thinking about becoming a distributor of Miche bags.  Has anyone heard of them? I love mine, and the start up isn't too much.  I just have to convince my husband it's a good idea.

10.  I've had 7 personal training sessions, only 3 more to go.  They have been awesome!  I wish I could continue, but we are trying to watch the budget, so no pt for a while.  My trainer has really kicked my butt and made me do things I never though I could.


  1. Congrats on your loss! Awesome job! Scales are so finiky. I weigh myself with my clothes on before I go to the doctors cause i want to know if they are close together. That Derby lite looks fun!

  2. I hope your headache goes away soon. Glad to see you posting again- I personally get worried when I don't see recent posts from those I follow- i guess thats the mother in me.

  3. I missed your blog, so I'm glad to see an update! Glad things are still going so well. Hope the headaches and shoulder pain clear up soon.