Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

I did weigh in last week, just never got around to posting it last week.  Maybe because is was the same as the week before.

Last week's weight:

This week's weight:

So down a little, but still hanging out just below a 90 pounds loss.  As of today I'm at 89.6 pounds gone.  So close, but I've been here before.  Just want to get over that next milestone!

Had some great NSV this  weekend. I went "shopping".  Well actually I went looking because I knew I wasn't going to buy anything, just wanted to get a sense of what size I'm at now.  my size 20 pants are starting to fall off, 18's are loose, but ok.  I have a couple of 16's in my closet, but they are a little tight.

First I went to Coldwater Creek.  I like some of their stuff, but very expensive.  They carry up to a 22/24 I think, so it's a nice place to go now I'm in between plus and regular size.  Tried on a bunch of stuff in sizes 16-20.  Everything in 20 was too big!  Most tops I was fitting in best in an xl.  Just a regular old XL, not a 1X.  The best part was a dress in a size 16.  It fit beautiful!!!  I loved it, I tried to take a pic, but my camera wasn't working.  I may have to go back and try again I liked it so much.  It was $130, so no chance in hell I would by it, but it feels amazing to have it on.

Next I went to Old Navy, better price point, but still didn't get anything. Tried on some knit dressed, didn't really like them, but in most cases xl fit best.  I tried on one 16 dress that didn't fit.  It was fitted and had a zipper and couldn't get it closed.  It was close though. Tried a bunch of tops, xl was again the best size!  They didn't have the color I wanted in one top, but I may go to another store and get it since it was only $10.

Such a great feeling!!! and XL in "real" stores!!!!  Hallelujah!!! Still bummed I didn't hit 90 pounds, but I can see my body changing even without the weight moving.

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  1. You're so close to -90, you could spit and hit it! That is awesome, and I'm glad the shopping trip made you feel good about it.