Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

I'm still on a break from weekly weigh-ins, but I am going to weigh at the beginning and end of the month.  So today's weight:


That's down 0.2 pounds from last week when I when I weighed in at the dr.  I won't weigh again until I have my next dr appt on the 29th.  That will be for my 1 year visit, hard to believe that it's been almost a year since surgery.

I had set a goal to be 100 pounds down by one year.  Probably not going to happen, it would be 5.8 pounds in 4 weeks.  It's doable, but with the rate i've been losing at not likely.

That's ok, 100 pounds or the 94.2 pounds I'm at now is still almost unbelievable!  

I had some great luck at Goodwill last weekend.  Two pairs of work pants, one pair of casual capris and three tops to wear to work.  all for the grand total of $24.00.  Everything looks new, and all of it was from the "regular" section and not the plus.  I wore one outfit yesterday top was an xl and pants were a 16.

The pants I'm wearing today will be retired.  They are so big they are falling off, and the hems are dragging on the ground.  Glad I got some new pants!


  1. Great finds! A year has gone by fast it seems. Super job on your journey.

  2. awesome finds at Goodwill! I hope you reach your gaol but if you don't you're still closer to it than you we were last year.

  3. Yayyayyay Colleen! You have accomplished so much!