Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Funny

So I didn't make it to body pump wed...well I made it there, but when I went to change I realized I didn't have any pants :( what I thought were black workout capris was actually a t shirt.

yesterday I started the Desk to 5K program at work. It was a mile on the track (5 laps). I did three laps walking an two "running". I downloaded a new app to help with the runs, it's called Zombie Run. It's fun, it tells a story of being in a compound that is surrounded by zombies. You ahve to go out and gather supplies. if the zombies get close you have to run to get away or lose what you have collected. you use your supplies to build up your it's a game as well. hopefully it will encourage me to keep running.

after the mile I was going to go to the Hip Hop zumba class, but the instructor never showed up. Instead of leaving I hopped on the elliptical machine and did 20 minutes.

today is going to be light on exercise. we are going to a minor league baseball game after work, so I won't get in a workout today. there's always tomorrow right?

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