Thursday, August 15, 2013

Self Sabotage

This weeks weigh in:  236

Yep, you read that right up 3 pounds from last week... must be water wight or increased muscle right?

NOPE, it's real.  Want to know how I know?  Because this is just some of the crap I've been eating in the last week:

Ice cream, at least 4 out of the past 7 days (and one occasion twice in one day)
Peanut M&Ms (at least two different times)
Kit Kat Minis (at least two times)
Pastry...three of them in one sitting!!!
movie much more than I needed
cereal, lot's of cereal
coffee cake (4 days out of 7)

I know better, so why do I eat it... cause I want to! It tastes good!

It's like when I got close to 100 pounds I gave myself permission to eat anything and everything, and once I hit 100 pounds lost (barely) all bets were lost.

I've done this before, lost weight gotten to a goal and then started back down the path of gaining.  I don't want that to happen again, but how do I stop it?

I know rationally just don't eat the crap, or eat in moderation, but I seem to have lost that ability.  I'm hungry!!!

Probably time for a fill, but sometimes it's not just physical hunger, but just cause something appeals to me. How do you break that cycle once you've started?  I keep telling myself I will be better, but just doesn't work.

I think part of my problem is exercise.  I have been working out  like a fiend:

monday: body pump
Tues: Zumba
Wed: derby lite
Thurs: zumba
Friday: body pump
Sat/sunday: long walks with the dogs, some skating

exercise is good, but in my case I use it as an excuse to eat more... In my mind I deserve that candy or ice cream because I worked out hard.

so my plan is this:

Call for a fill, not a big one, but just a little to top me off.  maybe help with the physical hunger I'm feeling between meals.

Cut back on exercise...I know to some people this may be counter intuitive, but hopefully I can break the cycle of working out to eat.  my new plan is this:

   Mon or Fri: Body Pump     
   Tues or Thurs: Zumba
   Sat or Sun: Zumba
   Random days: skating (Derby Lite is on break for a month, doesn't start back up until September :(.       So I'll just be going to the rink for free skate hopefully once a week).

How to stop the mindless eating...that's what I need help with.

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  1. Do you like summer garden veggies? I am in lust with sliced up cucumbers! I found a healthy way to soak them in plain greek yogurt, milk and Hidden Valley Ranch powder mix. Stir up the three items, put in cukes and onions (if you like them)... chill over night and a totally awesome snack. For me, lunch and suppers. I may be tempted to eat crap but I didn't go through all of this lap band pre stuff and post stuff to allow it to gain all that hard work back. Hang in there, Amy at