Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

  1. I realized as I was walking the dogs last night that I have lost a dog.  Not literally, but my one dogs weighs 66 pounds, just the amount I have lost currently.  She's HEAVY...put's into perspective as to how much I have lost.
  2. Went to see Earth Wind and Fire last night.  Amazing show, if you have the chance to see them GO.  You may not think you know any of there songs, but I guarantee you do, and you'll be up and dancing.
  3. Because of the concert I missed my Derby Lite class, very bummed.  I had fun at the one last week.  I realize I never blogged about it, but I will soon.
  4. My butt still hurts from the fall I took in the first class.
  5. Tried on the size 18 pants I bought a while ago.  I got them up, buttoned and zipped!  Still too tight to wear out of the house, but so close.
  6. Had a nice time with my mom helping her at the craft show.  It was lots of work, but it's fun.
  7. Saw lots of family and friends while I was home.  Everyone was shocked at how much I've lost already.  It was great to see their reactions.
  8. I'm jealous that I'm not going to BOOBs this year, maybe next year.
  9. Going to my exercise class for the first time in three weeks.  Looking forward to it, but since I'm still sore from Derby I'm a little scared at how I'll feel tomorrow.
  10. I love Fall.  Going to pull out all the decorations I have this weekend.

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  1. Wow! How fun that you've lost a "dog" in weight...imagine walking while carrying him/her! I look forward to "losing" my border collie/Australian shepherd. (She's about 50 pounds.) Have a great week!