Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday


Down another 1.6 pounds.  Yipee!  

Thanks for all the great comments on my pics.  It's so nice to have people tell me they see a difference.  Only   one person in real life says she sees a difference.  It's amazing to think I've lost 60+ pounds and no one else has said anything.  I'm going home to see my family next week so I should get some good reactions then. :)


  1. I bet people have noticed but are afraid to say something...people can be weird about weightloss and women. I can totally tell!

  2. Have you started wearing new clothes yet? People didn;t start commenting on my weight loss until I bought new clothes. And some times they would just say stuff like "did you change your hair??"...they saw a change they just couldn't figure out what it was right away.