Monday, September 17, 2012

Pants on the ground

I have almost no clothes for fall/winter.  Given that it's been going down into the 50s at night and only up into the 70's in the day this is going to be a problem.  So Saturday I took off on a shopping adventure.  It was nice out so I grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of capri's out of my closet and headed out.

First stop the way, did you know they have a rewards card? Neither did I until I signed up on saturday.  Anywhoo, was walking around Goodwill and I realized my pants were falling down, not just a little, but a WHOLE it's a good thing my t-shirt was long, or I would have been indecent.  Had to keep my hand in my pocket or they would have been on the ground.  First purchase...belt for 99cents. :) Also got a pair of casual pants and a dress shirt for work.

That's what I get for not looking at the size, they were a 26, considering I'm into 20's now, I'm surprised I made it out the door without them falling off. Time to clean out some things from the closet so that doesn't happen again.  What a great feeling.

After Goodwill I went to the outlets.  Struck out there.  Didn't see anything I wanted to spend money on, knowing it might be too big soon. No good deals to be had.

Then stopped at Fashion Bug and Walmart.  Found a soft jacket type thing at FB, but in a size 0X.  A teensy bit snug, but wearable.  And will be fine as I lose weight.  Also got a tank to wear under it, as well as a casual long sleeve shirt.  Walmart I picked up a t-shirt and a shirt for work.

All told I spent about $80, but got  4 shirts to wear to work, two casual shirts and a pair of casual pants.  More money than I have spent on clothes for awhile, but really not that much.

It's hard to spend money on clothes not knowing how long they will be wearable.  How did you keep yourself clothed during the losing period?


  1. Everyone knows about my surgery where I live so I just keep wearing my big clothes... They are still wearable.

  2. I have been fortunate to get hand me downs from fellow bloggers in my area. So far I haven't had to buy a new wardrobe. Goodwill would be my first stop though when I have to.

    Congrats on the progress and new clothes. Yay!

  3. I had no idea that Goodwill had a rewards card. I am in big trouble when it's too cold for my Capri's...I don't have even one pair of long pants.

  4. I'm a goodwill girl too! I didn't know they had a rewards card either, I'm missing out!