Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who's Morbid? NOT ME!!!!

I weighed in this morning, saw a loss, but wasn't really too excited.  Today's weight...
254.6 *

Wasn't excited that is until I logged into my weight ticker and it said my new BMI is 39.9.  I am officially no longer Morbidly Obese!  OK, I understand I'm still obese, and  I still have a looooong way to go,but getting rid of that word is something I've been so focused on.  My BMI has gone from 51.1 to 39.9 in just a little less than 6 months. YIPPEE.

Refocus... that's my plan.  Got a new pedometer (lost my old one), starting logging food and fluids on MFP. Taking more time to plan out my meals so I'm not scrambling to figure out what to eat.

I have also started working towards a 5K.  The instructor of my aerobics class has a team for the Jingle Bell Run in December.  I'm going to sign up for her team.  Walking is fine, but I don't want to completely embarrass myself.  To that end I've started a Ease into Couch to 5K program.  Did Week 1 Day 1 on Monday, I was pleasantly surprised.  I wogged through the running parts and I didn't "wog" every time I was supposed to, but I did so much better than I thought I would. In total I think I wogged for almost 6 minutes.  Each wog time was at most 60 secs, and I was able to do that.  I was sucking wind by the end, but was able to recover relatively quickly.

I should do Week 1 Day 2 tonight.  Not sure if I will or not since I've got Derby Lite tonight as well.  I'll see if I have time to do it before class.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement!!  

* had to update, my dyslexia kicked in when I originally posted weight as 256.4, it really was 254.6


  1. Yea! That is a huge milestone! Something about the word morbidly is just unsettling...glad it's gone for good!