Monday, November 26, 2012

Anyone up for a Card Exchange?

Thanksgiving was good. pretty quiet actually.  Just me, the hubby and a friend for dinner.  I cooked so I had control over what we ate.  Didn't make stuffing since my husband doesn't like it and I don't eat it (carbs are my downfall).  Other than that it was a usual Thanksgiving dinner for us: turkey, roasted potatoes and carrots, butternut squash, snap peas, rolls and cranberry sauce.  It was hard to remember to not take a huge portion of anything.  It helped that the plated we use for special occasions are my grandparents wedding china, the made the plates a lot smaller back then.  I made mini apple and mincemeat pies and our friend brought a no bake pumpkin cheesecake.  That cheesecake was sooooo yummy.  He left it at our house.   Problem is my hubby won't eat it and it calls my name.  So I did something almost unthinkable... I thew it out.  Well, not right away.  I ate it for two days and realized having it in the house was a mistake, cause I was going to end up eating all of it, so in the trash is went.  I felt bad that i was throwing out perfectly good food, but it's what I had to do.

You'll see me new ticker at the top of my blog for the Jingle Bell 5K.  I'm trying to kick things up a little.  I've got less than two weeks, so no excuses for me.   After I got the turkey in the oven I went out and did Week 2 Day 1.  First time with wogging for 90 secs.  Didn't do so well with that, couldn't make it the whole time.  The amazing thing is the 45 sec wog really wasn't that bad!  I did W2D1 again on saturday and this time made it through all the run times without stopping, yippee!!

Saturday we went out an my hubby got me an early Christmas present, new sneakers.  Not just any old sneakers mind you, but running sneakers from New Balance.  I'll try and take a pic of them.  They are very comfy, they should be for $150.  Never spent that much on shoes EVER.  They will be worth it though, I plan on wearing them into the ground.

Sunday was spent taking down the fall decorations and starting to put up Christmas stuff.  Didn't get everything up, just didn't seem right since it's still November.  I'll do most of it this coming weekend.

I did pull out my cards for this year and it got me thinking.  I love sending cards, and even more I love getting cards.  I display them all winter long.  Any one interested in a card exchange?  I would be more than happy to arrange.  Just let me know if anyone is interested.  I know we are semi anonymous here in blogland, so it's ok if you don't want participate because you would have to share your real name/address.

If you are interested I would just need your name and address.  I would compile everyone's info and send to everyone participating.(I promise not so sell, or use for any other nefarious purpose).   You would send a card to everyone on the list then sit back and wait for the cards to roll in.


  1. Cute idea. I'd be in!
    Someone did a gift exchange last year that was fun and we all had to submit our real names and addresses, so why not?

  2. Dang how did i miss you :) What a great blog!!! :) I have a knitting store so the photos are up at but I do try to keep my two selves somewhat separate (oh it is so hard sometimes) with online google and facebook and so on. I would be interested in doing some cards. I haven't even done my family ones yet but want to design one with my sheep logo on it this year. Sometimes I wish I was more skilled in art..

    You are doing sooo well with exercise and your weight loss-go you!! Those tennis shoes will be completely worth the price.

    by the way I LOVE your derby name :)