Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Non weigh in wednesday

Continuing the avoidance of the scale for another week.  It's gotten easier, I don't hear it call to me as much anymore.  Next weigh in will be in two weeks when I go in for my one year follow-up visit.  Crazy isn't it that it's been a year already.  Time really does seem to fly by the older I get.

This past weeks activity:

Wed:          Derby Lite
Thurs:        nothing, nadda, zippo
Fri:             Lifted weights for 20 minutes
Sat:            Zumba toning and walked the dogs 45 min
Sun:           walked the dogs 60 min
Mon:          20 min run on the treadmill (alternating 5mph and 4 mph)
Tues:         Zumba

I had to skip personal training this week and I'm glad. I've been battling a cold for the past week and I haven't had much energy.  Feeling much better, but still have the sniffles that won't go away.

Wearing a pair of pants that last week I could wear, but was afraid to bend over too quickly in fear they would split up the back.  This week they fit, maybe even a little loose.

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