Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Burping and farting are my friends.

Never thought I'd be saying that,but its sooo true. Insition pain is ok, but its the gas pains that are the worst. I've been walking in my house'taking gas x and using a hearing pad. Thats helping but I just cant wait until it's gone. So I've been celebration every burp and fart. :)

How much were you able to get down the first couple of days after surgery? I'm drinking constantly but I'm can only get tiny sips in. I'm doing better today but still not getting as much as they wanted. So how was it for you


  1. I couldn't get much in at all - was definitely under 500 cal a day for the first three days post op. - I was on liquid for the first week only had small sips of protein shake and soups and was really full after. Good luck with the gas! keep walking!

  2. Ha I had the same celebrations! Tiny sips for the first few days and soon you'll get everything in. Put some protein powder in a shake that already has high protein, So at least 1 shake will give you all the protein you need in a day.

  3. I don't remember exactly but it wasn't much. Hope your recovery is uneventful!!

  4. The first day I did not get a lot in, but I have been able to get in 3 protein shakes made with 8 oz of water and some jello or chicken broth.