Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Surgery is scheduled for Monday, and I'm starting to freak out.  It's getting really real, and I'm nervous, scared, excited. 

2.  Had my nutrition and pre-op nurse class today.  Got my post op diet, not as restrictive as I thought.  As I knew, no real pre-op diet, except light meals the day before (I'm planning on doing liquids for the day).  Post op is full liquids for the first week, then slowly move into "real" food.

3.  Getting a massage saturday morning and I can't wait.  I hold my stress in my shoulders and they are sooo tight right now.

4.  Getting my hair chopped off saturday afternoon.  I'll post pics after, but it should be about 11-12 inched that are taken off.

5.  Final weigh in before surgery was 326.1.  UGH, can't believe i weigh that much,  but it will be the last time I ever weigh that much.

6.  Class was supposed to be a full day, but since there was only 2 of us we were able to finish by 1pm. Instead of going into work I went shopping, did a little work around the house and am playing on the computer.

7.  We have found our newest member of the family.  I posted before about having to put down our boxer Emma.  Well originally we were going to get another boxer, but we someho ended up with a Coon Hound.  Her name is Mississippi, and she's about 3-4 years old.  She's a rescue so we don't know too much about her.  She's a sweety, and can't wait until she's with us.  I wanted to wait until after surgery to bring her home.

8.  We currently have an 11-12 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, and it was hard finding another dog she got along with.  She's a little neurotic.

9.  I still have so much I wanted to get done before surgery, not sure how much I'll actually get done.  One of the big projects is to go through my closests and arrange clothes by size.  I have everything from 26/28 down to 16/18.  Won't have to buy new clothes for a while...  won't have to but probably will.

10.  I want to thank everything who is following me and is helping me as I start my journey into bandland.  It means so much to have others who understand what I'm going through.


  1. Good luck with cleaning out your closets. I couldn't even stand the thought of doing prior to surgery. I did it 4 months post was a big ole mess. I have enough capri's (about 15 pair) to last me through the next 2 sizes, but I am totally gonna be walking around naked in the winter if I don't go shopping for long pants. Good think I have a while to get that done :)

  2. Monday!!! That is so exciting. I am wishing you an easy breezy recovery! Don't sweat the closets if you don't get to it.

  3. Yeah for you! I"m starting to get just a teensy bit nervous too (mine's Wednesday) and I'm spending the wknd prepping the house as well. Landscaping done, house cleaned, vacuumed, laundry completely done and put away... Well thats the hope. I also have piles of clothes in the guest room ranging from 14/16 to 26/28. Totally on the same track!