Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inside of two weeks

I've read a lot about peoples pre-op diet.  My doctor doesn't require any special diet, except the day before surgery.  I'm glad I don't have anything I HAVE to do, but I want to use these two weeks to ease myself into the new lifestyle.  Mind you I have already adopted some bandster rules : chew everything a lot, eat slowly, drink lots of water, don't drink with meals.

That being from what I've seen I'll be on liquids for almost a month post-op (clear for a week, then full).  I'm not certain though, I have my class to learn all that next week.  So my goal for this week is to replace breakfast with a protein shake, and to reduce soda.  I've already cut the soda down a lot, caffeinated is 1 per day (down from 3-4) and non-caffeinated is 1 (down from 2-3).

It's Wednesday to how am I doing...

Monday was hard, 8 am meeting at work, didn't plan for making the shake, so had usual breakfast of a muffin (probably the last one for a very long time).  and 2 sodas for the day, 1 caffeinated and 1 non.

Tues:  Unjury vanila protein powder with fresh strawberries blended with milk and NO soda :).  Not sure I liked the unjury it has an after taste to me.  I can do it, jut not my favorite.

Wed: AdvantEDGE® Carb Control Strawberry ready to drink shake blended with a banana.  I did pick up a Diet Pepsi, but that will be my only soda today (I promise).  I really liked the shake, didn't have any after taste to me.


  1. I have found the best protein drink to be the Premier Nutrition chocolate. I buy mine at Costco (not sure if you have one near you) but you can also order online. They do not have the protein-ie after taste and have 30g of protein. Lots of bang for the buck! They also have vanilla but I really stick to chocolate.

    Great job on 'practicing' being a bandster, I think that is the way to go. There are so many new habits you have to learn, if you tried to just do it all after surgery it would be totally overwhelming and discouraging I think.

    You are sooo ready for this!!

  2. Good job on cutting back on the soda. I haven't had any since I was banded almost a year ago and I'm so glad I cut that out of my life.

  3. I'm shocked your doctor didn't put you on the OptiFast diet like I'm on. I've been on it now for 4 days...10 more to go. I can only have 960 calories a day. 3 Shakes, 2 bars and a thing of soup. And a ton of decaf liquids.