Monday, May 14, 2012

One Week to go!!

This time next week, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be a member of the BAND. Can't believe it's this close, also can't believe I have to wait another week.  I'm so not going to be productive this week. I've got my class on Thursday, so right now I'm just focusing on making it until then. Then Saturday I'm getting my hair chopped off, should have about 12 inches to donate.  Can't wait for that either, so that's what I'll focus on after the class.  Short term goals are good for me. :)

Finished up strong with goals for last week:

Thursday:  AdvantEDGE® Carb Control Chocolate blended with banana and no soda.  The shake had a good chocolate flavor.

Friday:  Oh Yeah! Chocolate shake, blended with a banana and PB2. PB2 is basically dried peanut butter, it has a lot less fat and calories than regular peanut butter, and it tastes the same.  One caffeinated soda.

Took the weekend off from shakes, and had 2 caffeinated sodas. So overall not great, but not bad.  Today I gave into temptation and had a yummy apple strudel for breakfast (yeah I know not a great choice, but not beating myself up about it).  So shake for lunch:

Premier Protein Shake, Vanilla blended with some strawberries and yummy! Just got these from Costo this weekend (there's a coupon this week for $5 off a case, bought 2 cases, so glad I like them.)

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