Monday, October 1, 2012

Clothing Sizing Sucks

No wonder women have messed up body images...  Today I'm wearing a top that's a 3x, and pants that are 22.  Both fit appropriately, not too loose, not too tight.  Yesterday I was wearing a 1x top and 18 pants, again not too loose, not too tight.  WTF?  why are the sizes so different?  I've accepted that sizes don't really mean anything, but if I hadn't I would be devastated that I was in a 3x after I had lost so much weight.  Luckily for me the top is one I bought long time ago (8 years ago, at at a store closing sale for like $5...I never wore it because it was too small).  It still had the tags on, I figure I might as well get the use out of it now before it gets too big.

So what size am I?  No frackin clue.  Somewhere between a 1x and 3x?  How do you determine what size you wear?

On the other had I need some new exercise clothes for me Derby Lite class.  Went to Target and got a pair of workout capris, size xxl. From the "normal size" section, not the "plus".  Happy Dance, Happy Dance.  They are a little too tight for me to wear out in public (some people would, but not me), but for this class they're perfect. Just have to wear a longer top to cover the pooch.

Also got a couple new long sleeved tops and a pair of pants from Goodwill.  The pants are an 18 from Lane Bryant, but they look soooooo small.  Haven't tried them on yet, will save them for a few more pounds down.  The other 18's I bought are just starting to fit right.

Now that the weather has changed I've got to clean out the summer clothes from my closet.  Not sure If I'm going to donate those right now, or wait until next summer.  Most of the stuff is getting too big now, I'm just afraid if I give everything away I'll regain the weight and have nothing to wear next year.  I have to keep telling myself that won't have, I won't let that happen.  I may just move them into the spare room to get them out of my main closet, that way I can really see what I have for fall winter.


  1. I'm having trouble getting rid of my stuff too. I have 2 bags full of 24, 22, 20 2X 3X ...but its just sitting there looking at me. I think i'm going to keep them until I know feel anxiety about giving them away.

    Right or Wrong that is just what I am doing.

  2. I totally understand what you mean about sizes...I even have 2 tops from the same STORE marked the same SIZE and one is too tight. I agree that it's okay to keep larger sizes until you are ready to part with them. I like your idea of putting them away somewhere, though, so you don't see them every day.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! YOUR dog looks like a sweetie. :-)