Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Fill

Had my first post op visit with my surgeon.  I'm glad he's good at operating because his bedside manner is lacking. He's not horrible like some surgeon's I've had, just quick and to the point.  I think I saw him for all of five minutes.  He was getting up to walk out the door when I said I had questions, kind of had to reel him back in the room, but I did get answers.

So here's the set up for the fill.  The nurse wasn't sure he was going to want to do one since it wasn't 6 weeks since surgery... no it was only 5 weeks and 2 days. She set up for it just in case.  He agreed to do it though, so that made me happy.

It was actually the PA that did the fill, and she was great.  No problems finding the port, got the needle in the first try.  Didn't hurt, just pinched as it went in.  She put in 3cc sat me up and had me drink some water (with the needle sticking out (yes that big honking needle with the yellow cap in the picture).  Has some gurgling/burping with the 3, so she took out 0.5 and everything was fine.  Laid back down and she took the needle out.  Easy peasy lemon sqeazy.

So I am now the proud owner at a 10cc band with 2.5cc fill.  So far so good, have to be on liquids for 2 days, soft for 1 then progress as tolerated.  Had a protein shake without problems.  Do feel some tightness in my chest, similar to what I felt the first day or two after surgery. Hopefully it goes away like it did before.

The great news is I saw the dietitian and I have officially lost  33 pounds since surgery 5 weeks and 2 days ago (and 35.7 pounds since my initial weigh-in).  I know it will slow down, so I can't count on this pace, but so excited for how far I've come so quickly.


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on the fill and the weight loss! You go girl! :)

  2. That set up would have sent me running - brave girl - you rock your band and use your fill to your advantage! 33lbs!!!! YEAH!!!!

  3. Yeah for you! I'm going in tomorrow morning --- hopefully for my first fill. I hope everything goes as smoothly as yours!

  4. Thanks for the support. I'm so happy with the loss so far, I just can't wait to watch the numbers go down even more.

    The needle looks a lot worse than it actually was.

  5. That is a great loss in 5 weeks! Congratulations.... I got .2cc's in my band on Tuesday and I feel good. Staying full for about 4 hrs compared to 2 prior to the fill. I think you'll like it and continue on with your great success.

  6. Glad your first fill went well!