Monday, June 4, 2012

Some NSVs

So it's been two weeks since I hopped on the bandwagon. This are going really well so far.

1. Went out to eat on Saturday with my husband and it worked out well We were going to a concert and had already planned on going out to dinner. It's a cafeteria style place, so it was easy to order what I wanted and not worry about waiters asking if everything was ok, or if I wanted something to drink. I got meatloaf and cut off my 2oz portion (guestimated) and put the rest in a to go container. Planned ahead and had a cooler in the car to keep the leftovers cool during the concert. So I've had meatloaf for dinner sat, sun, will have it today and there will still be some leftover.  I think 3 days is enough though.

2.  Tried on a pair of capris that were definitely too small before surgery (could barely get them zipped).  They were still a little tight in the waist, but I would wear them out of the house and not feel uncomfortable.

3.  I had taken off my wedding and engagement rings before surgery and hadn't put them back on yet.  I had to use lotion to get them off they were that tight.  Well, put them on this morning and could tell a difference, they're not falling off by any means, but they're looser.

I will confess it's not been all rainbows and kittens, it's gotten hard because I'm starting to feel hunger.  Not head hunger, but real hunger.  I ran to the store Friday and while I was there I was tempted by the baked goods and I gave into temptation and got a Boston Cream donut (my absolute fave!). I started eating it in the parking lot, teeny tiny little bites...I had about 6 of those (would have been less than 1 regular size bite) and guess what?  It didn't taste good, in fact it tasted bad, so I stopped.  Not sure why it tasted bad, if something was wrong with it.  I have noticed some things do taste different to me since the surgery, may that's it, or maybe my brain finally kicked in and said STOP EATING YOU IDIOT!!!

Overall Things are good, now that hunger has returned the hard part is really starting.  Will Power needs to be my best friend now.  How's everyone else doing with hunger?


  1. Hello I'm doing alright for now.but I do notice that when I am home I'm good. When I'm at work I think about food. Today I thought about food 2x neither time I was hungry.

    I was wondering what I would have for dinner. Over the weekend I did not think in advance. Boredome maybe?

  2. Nice non scale victory with those capris! :)

  3. You're doing well - and isn't it strange how the food you used to think was so incredibly yummy is now just kinda.....ick? gotta love that band!!

    And hooray on the capris! That had to be a major ego boost!

  4. It's so funny...for me - the first thing I lose weight in is my fingers...great NSVs.

  5. I think I am definitely feeling the hunger now... was wondering if others were the same. I think part of my issue is not planning for smaller / more frequent meals.. I'm going way to long between because of work / schedule....

  6. Woohoo to pants fitting and smaller fingers and not liking donuts :)