Monday, June 11, 2012

New Clothes

Well not rely new, but new from the depths of my closet. I had to retire two pairs of pants that are too big (insert happy dance here). They were already loose,and with the recent loss they were falling off loose. So I went diving into my closet to come up with replacements. I found two pairs of pants I haven't worn in a while an tried the on. Both fit great! So happy because a couple of months ago there was no way I was squeezing myself into those pants

Jut don't get me started on the messed up nature of women's clothing sizes. One pair is a 24 and the other is a 28. How can the both fit perfectly? Should the 28s be falling off is the 24s are the right size? So what size do I wear right now? So frustrating! I'm glad I'm just shopping in my closet and not out at a store.

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