Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Already?

This weekend went too fast.  Didn't do much, went to the movies, out to eat, tried not to shrivel up and die from the heat.  It's so nice today, high was only 90.  Considering it's been over 100 everyday for the last week, 90 feels cool.  This weekend highs were 104/105.  UGH, I am not cut out for hot weather.  Oh well, it is preparing me for our Florida trip at the end of this month.

Some NSV:

   I was able to take the extender off my everyday necklace.  Nice to not have that extra, non-matching     section for everyone to see.  (It didn't bother me before when my hair was long, but now it's so short the extender was completely visible).

   I was able to get a few more things out of the "not quite yest" section of my closet and move them to the "able to wear now" section.

   Started using my exercise bike again.  Now doing 40 minutes at a time.  Trying for 3 times a week, so far meeting that goal.

   Stayed off the scale since last Wednesday. The urge to just check and see has been strong, but trying to  resist.

I've been doing well with eating, but I definitely need some more fill.  I tried another donut, and I ate the whole thing (really small bites, chewed really well, but still the whole thing!)  More restriction please. I have to check and see when my next fill is.  I'm averaging about 1,100 calories a day.  Getting in my protein and fluids, so ok I think.  They never gave me a calorie range.

Had a yummy lunch of canned chicken mixed with tostito's spinach dip.  I know I found that suggestion on someone's blog, or on so if it was yours THANKS.  Much better than mixed with just mayo, very flavorful.


  1. Awesome with the bike. I just was cleared to start my recumbant bike. Feels awesome when I'm done on it. I never walked anywhere in my small town before and now that I'm doing it, I wondered what would have been ... had I started earlier???

  2. I know it's funny - 93 here is cool - it's a 10 degree drop!

  3. Sounds like you are doing good! Hopefully your fill is soon! Awesome NSV's!