Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

So since I broke down and bought a scale over the weekend I thought I should have an official weigh in day. And since I do love n alliteration, wednesday it is.

I went to a general bariatric surgery support group last night instead of my usual lap band group (that was cancelled because it would have been today). It was ok, but I was the only member of the band there, everyone else was RNY, so I couldn't really relate to most of the issues they were having. There was a special guest who did some movement and meditation excercises that were really good. She teaches yoga, something I've been interested in, but scared to go and look like a fool. Knowing she works with a lot of bariatric patients as well as "normal" people makes me interested in trying it out. Just have to see how much she charges.

I also weighed in at the office so I could compare with my scale at home.

Office weight: 294.1
Home weight: 295.2

Ugh, so supposedly I have gained almost 4 pounds since I weighed in on sunday on the new scale. Don't you love fluctuation? Since I had already made the decision that the official weigh in would be Wednesday, I'm not really going to count that.

So this morning I got up and did the official weigh in (after peeing of course).


Now I just have to stay off it for a week.  It's in the guest bathroom, so I won't have to see it everyday, but just knowing it's there may tempt me.  I need to be strong, and avoid the temptation of the scale.


  1. My weight flucuates a lot even from morning till night. I don't weigh every day...and sometimes not even on a weekly basis. It may be 7 days or it may be 10...I don't have an official weigh in day. I know some people feel the need to weigh every day, but it drove me crazy to do that. I moved my scale to a part of the house I don't go in very often (upstairs) so I wouldn't even think about it.

  2. What is RNY? You mentioned that group in your support thing last night?

    1. It stands for roux en y, which is the technical name for gastric bypass