Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Update

Very quiet weekend, husband had to study for a test he takes this Friday, so I spent lot's of time shopping.  Not that I really bought much, but did get lots of walking in. I did get a scale, figured it was about time.  I had been weighing in at the dr office, but once a month just won't be enough.

I have a support group tomorrow night so I'll weigh in there to get the official weight, then come home and weigh with the new scale.  That way I can compare the two.  I will be officially weighing in once a week.  Now I just have to figure out  how to keep myself off the scale every day.

Don't know if you are following The World According to Eggface if you aren't you should be.  She has a lot of great recipes.  She had gastric bypass, but the the recipes work just as well for bandsters.  I made a modified version of her "Bites, basically crustless quiches, using ham, swiss cheese, onion and green pepper.  So easy to make, and tasted yummy.  I took a pic, I'll have to add it later.

Staring using my stationary bike again. Rode for 20 minutes Friday and Saturday.  Took a break yesterday.  You'd think with all the padding I have my butt shouldn't hurt this much.  Have to get a pillow t sit on.  Tried to use the treadmill, but there's something wring with the belt. Not surprising since I bought it almost 13 years ago for $200.  May have break down and get a new one.

We finally got rain, after almost 3 weeks with none.  So glad, could have done without the thunderstorms, but I'll take what I can get.  Hopefully what we got will be enough prevent fires from the neighbors setting off fireworks this week. The lawns around here are like straw.

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  1. I also got a ton of recipes from EggFace ... love those 8oz smoothies she posted!