Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.       I weighed in on Wednesday at 287.4, down 1.2 pounds from last week.

2.       Goal for the month was to get to 285, but since I’m starting vacation Saturday I won’t be weighing in until we are back. Who knows where I’ll be after vacation.  I’m in desperate need of a fill (only my second, but I was too afraid to get one right before we left for vacation so it won’t be until after we get back).

3.       Leaving for vacation on Saturday and I haven’t even thought about what clothes I’m packing. 

4.       Oh, and I haven’t tried on any of my swimsuits,  I know the ones I bought last year will be too big, hope that some of my older ones fit ok.  If not it will be a desperate dash to the store on Friday to find a new one.

5.       Tried on the size 20 pants I bought at Goodwill and was able to get them buttoned and zipped.  Too tight for me to wear out in public, but not too horrible. 

6.       Did a little happy dance that I got into a size 20.  Waited until I was out of said 20’s cause I didn’t want to split them ;)

7.       Puppies are going to the doggy spa next week.  It cost as much as the rest of our vacation to have them stay there a week.  It will be worth it because it includes a week of training of our newest dog, Missi.

8.       Missi is an escape artist.  Last weekend my husband let her out to run around in our fenced back yard as usual.  Later when he was calling her to come in our neighbor who was in her backyard asked what kind of dog Missi was, and if she had long floppy ears.  As soon as I heard this I’m out the front door running to her yard.  Sure enough there’s Missi, just as happy as can be.  I guess she had been there for a while.  The neighbor was calling the number on her collar, but since it’s from the vet from rescue in another state, she wasn’t getting anyone.

9.       We went out and got new tags for both dogs that day, with our current information.

10.   Instead of going to see a movie that day like we planned, we spent the afternoon filling the not 1 but 2 holes we found dug under the fence!

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