Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Thing Thursday

1.  I realized today that I am almost 1/3 of the way to my goal (for now) weight.  Just a couple more pounds and I'll hit that mini goal, amazing.

2.  Went to see me primary care dr for an ear infection, weighed in with a almost 40 pound loss and normal BP for the first time ever in her office.  She didn't mention either, really, no way to go, keep it up, how are things going?  I really don't like my dr, but she's convenient.

3.  Fellow band blogger Julie at the dandy bandy  was banded this morning.

4.  Going to my first exercise class since surgery.  The class is through the surgery center, and included in the cost of surgery.  Hopefully I'll like it.

5.  Ate some Trail Mix today way to quickly.  I think I had my first "mini" stuck episode.  Lasted about 15-20 minutes, felt like I wanted to vomit but couldn't.

6.  No more Trail Mix for me.

7.  My husband is one of the strangest people I know.  He loves to go to concerts and I have seen the following acts (along with many many others): Gordon Lightfoot, Greg Allman, Ronnie James Dio, Judy Collins, Alice Cooper and last night Fiona Apple.

8.  After the concert I described Fiona Apple as a cross between: Olive Oil x an angst ridden teenage girl x the strange ex mortician/model/designer on the Oddities reality tv show.

9.  Not my favorite concert, but certainly better than Alice Cooper.

10.  Looks like it might rain, and I am so exited.  We are in a drought situation and rain would be heavenly.

oh, just thought of another

11.  I don't like spam commenters


  1. I'm pretty sure I got spam commented too for fu!!bar.

  2. I have gotten several spam comments in the past week...and they have all been on old posts. You don't like Alice Cooper...what??? :-)

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Sucks that your Dr. isn't being real supportive or encouraging! I'm praying for rain here as well! :)