Thursday, August 30, 2012

TTT actually on Thursday!

1.  Sitting in a meeting, done with my part, but at the back of the room and too hard to get out, so I'm playing online.

2.  Trying not to get discouraged by the 1 pound gain this past week.  I'm noticing more bad eating habits trying to creep back in.  Got to nip those in the bud.

3.  My hair started falling out about a week ok.  big clumps in the shower and throughout the day.  Doesn't bother me since I've got so much hair.  I usually get it thinned in the summer, so I have more than plenty.  I can understand if you didn't have lots of hair to start with this could be upsetting.  I'm getting my protein in, I didn't start biotin, but maybe i should.  Thoughts?

4.  The arm band holder for my ipod actually fits around my upper arm.  When I started I had to wear it around my forearm :(.  So much nicer on my walks now.

5.  I've hired a personal trainer to come to my house and teach me how to use the equipment we have.  Mainly the weights, we have a big giant weight system that I'm not sure how to use.  She'll give me some exercises and routines to do.  Then in a couple of months I'll have her back to see how I'm doing.

6.  Friends were supposed to come in for the weekend, but thanks to the remnants of Isaac we are supposed to get they changed their plans.

7.  Have been furiously trying to get the house ready for them.  It's now cleaner than it has been in a loooong time.

8.  I'm jealous of everyone going to BOOBs.  At the time of registration I wasn't sure so I didn't sign up, but now I  really wish I had.  IT sounds like lots of fun, and it would be great to meet other bandsters.

9.  Price of gas jumped again, was 3.99 this morning, but I didn't have time to stop.  Wondering if it's going to be over 4.00 by the time I leave.  I'm almost on empty, so I'll have to get some tonight.

10.  Can't wait for Fall to get here.  I'm tired of it being sooo hot.  I love Fall :)

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