Wednesday, August 29, 2012

weigh in wednesday

Running late trying to get out, I was downstairs dressed and about to walk out the door when I remember I didn't weigh in. So back upstairs, take off the clothes (they're heavy you know).


Up one pound since last week, ugh should have just stayed in bed today.  Rationally I know that one pound is just normal fluctuation, and that the 6 pound loss I saw last week was an anomaly, but still.  It's hard to see the scale go up.

So I rush to get to work, get a space in the close garage (yeah me) and head into work. OK, maybe today will still be ok.

Except you have to badge in and my badge doesn't want to work.  Ok, push the button to talk to security, they tell me my access isn't valid... WHAT???  is this their way of firing me?  Said they would send someone down to badge me in and figure out what was going on.  So I wait, and wait and wait.  20 minutes later still no one.  Get back in my car, drive to the front of the complex go try to go in that way.  Have to wait in line at reception, they finally confirm that I still should have access (yay, for not being fired).  They send me down to security have to have a new badge made, with a new not picture ready today.

So should have made it into work before 8:30 actually wasn't in the building until after 9:30.  Head to the cafeteria to grab some eggs for breakfast only to find out they've already closed breakfast.  ARGH.  Head to the coffee shop in the building to pick something up cause I'm starving.  Not a good idea, ended up getting a chocolate croissant and I ate the whole damn thing. DOUBLE ARGH.  

So all in all my morning has sucked.  Just trying to make it through the rest of the day.  

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  1. What a rough day! Everyone always laughs at my work ID because I always pose for ID picture. I figure if they are only going to take a new pic every 3 years I want a picture I like :)