Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

I know I just got weighed at the doctor yesterday, but since I'm using my home scale as the official weigh in scale I want to be consistent, so hopped on the scale at the usual time on Wednesday morning and this is what greeted me...


That's right 278.4, all the exorcise this past week has paid off big time. So I have reached the big 5-0, fifty pounds lost since the beginning of my journey.

I still have a long way/weigh to go, but I am so happy at where I have gotten to in a short period of time. It has not been easy. I have learned many things, the biggest is that I have more will power than I ever thought possible.  The band is a great tool, but it has not really stopped me from eating so far, it's been shear determination.  Hopefully with this second fill I will get some more restriction.

So far things have gone well, but I know that can change, that I have to keep up this new attitude I have and not take the band for granted.  I also realize the key for me is exorcise, I have to move my body to lose the weight, it's not just about what food I eat.

Thanks to everyone that is following along, offering encouragement.  It REALLY does help me.


  1. OMG!! How stinking exciting! So proud of you! keep it up, can't wait to see pics of your shrinking self! :)

  2. I always prefer my doctor's scale over always shows 2 pounds less than mine. Congrats on the big 5-0!!!!! Woot, woot!