Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fill #3

Went back to see the dietitian and the PA at the surgery center today.  They were both impressed with my weightloss. Happy Dance.  Dietitian just said keep up with what I'm doing, although I have to get better about taking my vitamins.  I was bummed that the scale there said 265.  I'll do my official weigh in tomorrow, but I'm not expecting much of a loss if any based on the number i saw today.

PA put in 0.5cc today with no problem.  Last fill I originally had 4cc in but had an unfill of 0.5cc the next week.  So with the 0.5cc today I am back to 4cc.  Hopefully I won't get sick again this time, going to take it easier with progressing onto real food. 

4cc isn't a lot, and I know some people have that much in with their first fill.  My dr is conservative, and I'm all for that.  I hate getting sick (kind of like Drazil and the P word).  Just talking about it is too much for me.

ok onto better topics...my dogs are keeping me motivated.  If I don't take them for walks they go crazy, and the one digs holes under the fence and takes herself for a walk.  So even though it's been cold and rainy the last couple of days as soon as I get home we take off around the neighborhood.  I'm sure I'm getting a reputation as the crazy lady who walks her dogs in the rain.

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