Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Troubles

So last night for dinner my husband made spicy chicken breasts, sauteed in a frying pan.  I cut it up really small. used my little fork and chewed like nobodies business.   Let's just say won't be having that again anytime soon.  I think it was just too dry for my band.  I've had it since being banded, but not since this last fill.  Ended up being stuck, then PBing then feeling stuck again then PBing again.  BELCH.

So I'm just doing liquids today.  Don't feel like eating anything else anyway.  That's a very good thing considering this is what my day looked like yesterday:

Breakfast:  3 Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies
Lunch:        Leftover chili
                  Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkin
Snack:        6 Hershey's minis

Dinner:        Chicken breast (only ate about 1/4 c and most of that came back up).

Drinks:         16 oz Diet Peach Tea Snapple
                    20 oz Orange G2
                    12 oz light lemonade

So horrible day protein and liquids.  So much for getting back on track, oh well today is another day.  So far today:

Breakfast:   1/2c oatmeal mixed with 1/c milk to make it more "liquidy:

Lunch:         6oz broth

Drinks:     16oz snapple
                16 oz snapple
                 8oz milk

On a better note, here's the pic from my walk with the puppies last night.

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