Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had a good weekend.  Met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while.  She had gastric bypass years ago (like 15 I think, well before I met her.  Did a little shopping and then went out to lunch.  Ordered a backed potato with veggie chili and cheese.  Ate only 1/4 of it, but didn't feel self conscious, took the rest home for later.

I've noticed it doesn't take much for me to get full, and I'm staying full for a while.  Not sure if this is Green Zone or not.  Sometimes I still get ravenous quickly.  I think I'm scheduled for a fill next week, not sure if I'm going to get it or not.

Got some great things at Goodwill this weekend.  One pair of casual pants (brand new Levi casuals), one twinset cardigan sweater, one turtleneck sweater and one shirt/jacket.  The turtleneck is a little small, but as my hubby says, I'll shrink into it soon :).  Those cost me about $15.00.  Whoo hoo.  I did go to four different stores to get those, two of them I didn't find anything.  It was worth it though.

I also bought a couple of scarves as someone suggested (I can't remember who, sorry).  I wore one today with my black cardigan.  I need a remedial scarf tying lesson please.  I'm so clueless,  I keep playing with trying to get it to look good, and stay in place.  Hopefully I'll get better at it.

I'm wearing a size 18 pants I bought at Goodwill a couple of months ago.  Happy Dance time.  I think they are still a little too tight, but the rest of my pants were downstairs in the laundry, so it was either these or nothing.  When I bought them there was no way I was even getting these over my hips, let along zipping them.  The change in my body is amazing!

Eating wise I didn't do so well.  I'm such an addict.  If there is something in the house I like, I have to eat it, can't wait.  Ate so many cookies and cashews this weekend, I don't even want to think about it.  It's not like I was hungry, it was just like, the food is there so I've got to have some.  UGH, how do I stop?


  1. do you pinterest? pinterest and youtube both have scarf tying tutorials. That's how I learned. Good luck!

  2. Well I did mention the scarves(someone else might have also) and I was just going to say what Tina said, PINTEREST!(tell me you know about Pinterest! lol JK

    Colleen, it does sound like you are in the green zone. If so, that is a good place to be.

    I've not been one to get a fill very easily. I say if you are at a good spot, keep on keeping on.(and keep working on the head issues....can so relate):)


  3. Sounds like a score on the clothes you got at the thrift store...especially the brand new Levi's! Hang in there!

  4. Congrats on the green zone perhaps? too soon to say? The one way I stop eating crap is by not having it in the house. Unfortunately hubby still will make store runs if I ask. So I also have to be very strong willed and not ask! lol