Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Derby Lite is amazing!  I'm pushing the edges of my comfort zone, and I'm loving it.  I skated backwards last night.  It wasn't pretty, in fact I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but SO WHAT, I was skating backward!

2.  I had two unplanned falls at Derby last night, bummer...but I fell the right way so I didn't get hurt and I was able to get up by myself both times.

3.  I want to update my blog for fall, but the free site I used for this template doesn't exist anymore.  Any good sites for free blog templates?

4.  I ate 6 hershey's minis after lunch.  I wasn't even hungry, so why did I eat them?  Because they were there. ARGH.  Why do I do that to myself?

5.  Cleaned out my closet and I have 7 shirts that fit.  5 black and 2 brown.  I do have a couple of sweaters, maybe three?  I think I need some more clothes, but I haven't had much luck with goodwill the last couple of weeks.  

6.  My dogs are crazy if they don't get a walk everyday.  I missed tues since I wasn't feeling good, and yesterday I was late getting home and then had to dun to Derby, so no walk.  This morning they were literally bouncing off the furniture. (I wish I had gotten video if them, is was actually really funny). So I took them out before work today.  It was still  dark out, blech.  

7.  I wogged this morning.  Not sure what that means?  Head over to Adokbl's amazing blog and find out what I'm talking about. I love that term, so I'm usurping it for my own use.  I was so proud of myself.  I was scared to try, but I'm trying to push the boundaries so I thought what the hell, just give it a shot.  Oh and it helped it was dark out, and nobody was around to see me.

8.  It will probably be a long time before I wog in the light of day.

9.  Holly at 300 Pounds Down is my inspiration.  It never seems to fail that her posts hit so close to home.  I love this post.  

10.  I love reading everyone's blogs. I may not comment, as I'm really bad at that. But I gain so much from ready everyone's stories, truly inspirational.  Thanks everyone for sharing your lives with us out it blogland.


  1. YAY for wogging!!! Proud of you girl. :) :)

  2. I don't have good luck at my Goodwill either, but we have a new store in town that buys/sells designer clothes. They are all very reasonably you have one of those in your twon??

    I like reading Holly's blog too :)

  3. After I finish posting, I'm going to check out the wogging.

    There is no way in hades I could put on skates. I used to be a good skater but last time I put on a pair of skates, I swear I felt like the jolly green giant! The floor looked like it was two miles away!

    As for those 5 black shirts....can you add different piece of big funky jewelry to each one to make it unique? Or maybe a few scarfs tied really cute?

    Enjoyed reading.


  4. Hi, Colleen! Falling is definitely an important skill in sports like skating! I used to love rollerskating, and when I get down to a lower weight, I may try it again, who knows? Glad you are having fun with it!